Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You know you're a mystery writer when...

Sorry to be blogging so late, but tonight was my critique group, and I just got home; they liked my chapter, thank goodness, and I liked theirs. (I'll tell you more about my writing buddies soon; they're interesting people with interesting stories.)

Today was a better day on the work front; I got in 1600 words -- hooray! Because I'm time-impaired, I also spent a good portion of the day thinking it was Wednesday, and that I only had two days left to catch up on yesterday's shortfall. Imagine how delighted I was at 4:00 when I realized it was still Tuesday!

Perhaps I should pay more attention to the calendar.

And what a Tuesday it was... after writing, I met with Melissa (you've seen her comments here before, and here's a photo I took of her at Lou Neff Point) for lunch at Schlotzky's and a walk on Town Lake. (She even showed me her son's short film, Diss the Miss -- what a treat!)

I met Melissa last year at a signing; she brought a plate of the most wonderful rhubarb muffins, which I'm going to ask her to give me the recipe for so that I can post it. Today, while we were walking, Melissa told me she'd spent the Christmas holidays in Connecticut, with lots of snow. Here's a snippet of the conversation:

Melissa: Anyway, I told everyone else I was hiking with to go ahead of me. So there I was, all by myself, and it was just gorgeous, with the evergreens, and the snow... a perfect day.

Karen: It sounds just beautiful.

Melissa: And I'm walking along there, thinking to myself, This is just like a scene out of a book. Only, if this was a novel, I'd turn the corner and find...

Karen: A dead body.

Melissa: (looking at me strangely) A dead body? Actually, no. I was thinking of a handsome man.

Karen: (chuckling uncomfortably) Of course. That would be great, too! Ha, ha, ha. A dead body. What was I thinking? Oh, look -- there's a woodpecker!

Despite my murderous inclinations, Melissa did agree to have lunch with me again -- and bake another recipe for my March 24 signing in Round Rock. So all's well, that ends well. Except for the dead guy in the snow.

Now I've told you about my day... how was yours?


At 10:13 PM, February 27, 2007, Blogger gracesmom48 said...

Karen, I am rarely startled, but that was absolutely HILARIOUS today when you finished my sentence and said 'dead body' when I was thinking 'hunky guy in jeans and a flannel shirt'. But that's what makes you a great mystery writer, you're always thinking about interesting places to hide dead bodies....while I spend my down time daydreaming about muscular lumberjacks and George Clooney. I'm still laughing! Melissa

At 7:58 AM, February 28, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL. Too funny about the dead body thing. A couple of years ago my hubby & I were up in the Bridgewater area of CT. We stopped at a bunch of antique shops and one of our stops was an old barn, it looked like it was going to fall down and it was loaded with stuff. We went off in separate directions and I kept thinking as I made my way through the barn, "this is a great place to find a dead body..." LOL. Mystery writers never look at any location like a normal person.

I know what you mean about losing track of time, it's nice to find out you have an extra day. I could use one or two of them this week. I got two chapters done last night, my goal for tonight is two more.

Have a good day,
Debra S.

At 7:24 PM, February 28, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


"Hunky guy with the flannel shirt." That was it. I just couldn't remember.

For the record, I don't always daydream about dead bodies. Just sometimes. ;)

I had a great time, Melissa; can't wait to see you at the B&N in Round Rock on the 24th!

At 7:25 PM, February 28, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


I love discovering extra days, and I am totally time-impaired. And it sounds like you have the mystery gene, too... always looking for great places to stuff dead bodies. ;)

How did it go last night, by the way?



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