Sunday, February 18, 2007


What a weekend. A mega-grocery shop followed by moving furniture in San Antonio yesterday, a trip to Temple today... and I've just now managed to find my living room floor. As you can imagine, it has not been a particularly word-rich weekend, at least as far as my manuscript is concerned.

Am taking a two minute break while dinner (Scarborough Faire chicken, which smells fabulous and involves -- not surprisingly -- parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme) finishes up.

I am going to attempt to get up at 6:45 tomorrow to lock myself in my office and write before the kids get up. But I also have to reread the ms I just edited, to see if I need to do more.

Am also hoping to get to the gym at some point, but since I think the Y is closed (grr) I may be reduced to doing jumping jacks while watching Sex in the City in my TV room. Tomorrow night, when the kids are asleep, of course. I'd get another video, but the library will also be closed. Double grrr.

I was thinking about this; I think I'm unusual for a writer in that I have a bit of an extroverted streak. (Although the pendulum swings to the other end of the spectrum, as well, particularly after a busy, people-intense weekend like the one I've just gone through.) Where do all of you fall on the spectrum?

P.S. For those of you who asked for the book map, I realized just yesterday that it's mystery-centered. It is easy to adapt for other kinds of books, though -- tune in later this week, and I'll tell you how. I'd do it now, but the timer's going off...



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