Sunday, February 11, 2007

A short list

... of things I have accomplished today:

1) Bought a digital camera.
2) Survived (and emerged victorious from) an epic battle with a butternut squash.
3) Been kicked approximately 43 times.
4) Had a discussion with my son in which he informed me that the reason he isn't listening is that he has a hearing problem. Because other children are putting rocks in his ears. And that the obvious solution to our little discipline issues (see #3, above) is that I should stop preventing him from doing/getting whatever he wants. Even if whatever he wants includes taping his sister to a chair and dropping maraschino cherries on her head. (This is not, incidentally, how the parenting books said this conversation was supposed to go.)
5) Discovered that increasing the font size on my manuscript decreases eyestrain. Which means -- thank God -- that I will not, at my relatively tender age, be investing in reading glasses. Yet.

Things I have NOT accomplished today:

1) Hooking up said digital camera, as my iPhoto software mysteriously vanished during the great hard drive crash of '06.
2) Writing anything other than this blog.
3) Refraining from rather copious consumption of Blue Bell Hot Chocolate ice cream. Which is not hot, but is quite chocolatey. And marshmallowy. Mmmm. Perhaps it's time for a pre-dinner bowl...

Will check back tomorrow. Hope everyone's day is more productive than mine.


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