Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Just a couple of tidbits from my day.

First, on the way home from school, my son asked me if we could go and feed the ducks dead fish.

Dead fish?

Whatever happened to bread?

Second, a few minutes later, I saw a bumper sticker that read "I love my Chevy truck and I love my wife." And I found that I had a few questions about that. Specifically:

1) Why would anyone put that on a bumper sticker?
2) Why would anyone buy said bumper sticker?
3) Why would anyone put said bumper sticker on their vehicle? and
4) If I was his wife, I'd be a little worried about my position on the list. I mean, maybe it's just me, but if the garage was on fire my husband had to choose, I'd like to think the response would be something other than "Hold on a moment, honey, just gotta back the truck out."

But that's just me.

On the writing front, I hit 3,100 words today, which I'm thrilled with. (I decided, just for fun, to see if I could up the production to 1500 per day, and so far it's working out.) It's a pleasure to be immersed in a story again. I'm remembering a few things about steady production, mainly that when I get out of the way, the story kind of tells itself. All I have to do is sit there and be patient. Which is tremendously comforting.

Oh -- and I got one more bit of news -- apparently I'm the Barnes and Noble Austin author of the month for March. I was so flattered! I am definitely bringing donuts to the pre-author-of-the-month meeting.

I'm off to saute some fish now -- and no, it's not for the ducks.


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