Monday, January 22, 2007

Dead and Berried is on the shelves!

So it's finally official; Dead and Berried is shipping!

I got my copies a few days ago; they're a bit thicker than the last installment, and just looking at that strata recipe makes me hungry. Yum. I'm setting up signings, and will post them as soon as they're set up.

I also got the word that publication of my first werewolf installment will not be until next spring, which is actually a blessing. Two books a year is enough already! (Beads of Doubt will be out in June; it's already up on Amazon.)

Right now, I'm plotting my next book in the werewolf series and cozying up with Jan Karon's Mitford books -- again. They're perfect for a cold afternoon with a cup of coffee and an armchair. And it has been cold here -- colder than usual, topping out in the 40s today. I had to force myself to get out and go for a walk, but it was worth it. There's something about the sun on a cold day; it's so bright and clear, and feels wonderful when the wind dies down enough for it to warm you up a bit.

And things here are not all bleak, even though it's winter. The narcissus in the front yard survived the ice -- I clipped one last week, a little pale yellow jonquil whose orange-spring scent filled the bedroom. I'm tempted to clip another; I think I'll enjoy them more inside than outside. I've also got some paperwhite bulbs I'm forcing on the kitchen windowsill, and the first one is about to bloom. I love their fresh scent -- springtime in January!

Now that the ice is gone, the kids, fortunately, are back in school. I just found out today, though, that Ian, my younger kiddo, will be released at noon all week long. Ack! I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever go back to school full time. And before I know it, it will be summer vacation... (We're going to Alaska this year in lieu of Maine. I'll miss the lobster, but am excited to see glaciers.)

I'm off to make a cup of tea and settle back down with Father Tim of Mitford. After I read Strega Nona to Ian, of course. And maybe hear an Uncle Wiggily story from Abby. I used to love Uncle Wiggily, along with Mrs. Goose; I'm thrilled that my daughter loves them, too. Maybe she'll share my fascination with Nancy Drew, too, someday!


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