Saturday, March 03, 2007

A good day

Today was a lot of fun! I signed at my home B&N, which is always a treat. Of course I saw lots of friends, writing and otherwise (including my barista pals Tom, Larry and Lamar, who moseyed over and bought books). And as I always do at these events, I even got to make some new ones! The picture at right is of Jo Virgil, Community Relations Manager extraordinaire, and yours truly, by the way.

Didn't get a whole lot done writingwise, but it's Saturday, so that's okay. I did, however, realize that I'm going to have to redo a scene I wrote last week -- and thanks to my hubby Eric, I think I know what to do to fix it.

While I was at the store, I did pick up two more books in Robin Hobb's excellent fantasy series; although sometimes I have a hard time getting past the covers of fantasy novels (I know, I know, you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but all those maidens with sultry eyes and barely concealed bosoms do get a little old), I've been trying to read more of it, since some of the work I'm doing involves what's called 'world-building'. And it's always helpful to see how other writers do things.

But it's a happy coincidence that I picked up one of Ms. Hobb's Tawny Man books a couple of months ago, because her characters are moving and absolutely convincing. She's a powerful writer, and her characterizations are so strong I think of them as real. I made the mistake of reading the last trilogy of the series first, but I'm going back to the beginning now, and she's beguiled me again (although I can see the progression in her writing).

But they're books I'm relishing, and I will be sad to read the last of them. Hope she's writing more; but they're doorstoppers.

It's fun reading widely and keeping an open mind; you never know what you'll encounter next!


At 11:08 PM, March 03, 2007, Blogger Laura K said...

The best world-building I read in years was Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana. It's the kind of book that makes you think "why am I bothering?" But it's also moving and beautiful and I highly recommend it. Plus, none of the editions I've seen have buxom women on the covers ;D

I'll have limited computer access for the next week or thereabouts, so if you don't hear from me, it's not that I am not working, just that I can't get online!

At 7:28 AM, March 04, 2007, Blogger Christa M. Miller said...

I'm so glad your signing went well! :)

Have you ever read anything by Holly Lisle? I haven't (it's not as if I have time...) but she is supposed to be excellent at worldbuilding. She has a few articles about it at

I personally have been engaging in post-apocalyptic worldbuilding and it is HARD! I have found there is so much I take for granted and I have to figure out how infrastructure would be supported, etc. Sheesh. :)

At 3:53 PM, March 05, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


Thanks for the tip; I'll pick it up at the library tomorrow. I love wonderful books.

And it's not just the buxom women... it's the men with swords and loincloths, too.

And I'm glad to hear you'll be working -- I'll wait to hear how it's going! Have a great week, wherever you'll be...

At 3:54 PM, March 05, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


Holly Lisle goes on the list, too! Thanks! I'm going to check out her web site now.

And post-apocalyptic worldbuilding does sound challenging; the only one I can think of who did it was Stephen King in THE STAND, which I haven't read in ages.

On the plus side (and this is one of the things I love about fiction in general), if you get it wrong, who can prove it? ;)

Thanks, Christa... I'm off to the library now!


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