Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Austin American-Statesman article

is up, and you can read it here.

Whew. Am off to make more burnt offerings to the culinary gods. (In other words, I'm going to start dinner.)

On the writing front, I met with my friend Kimberly Sandman this morning and bashed out another 1200 words, which brings me back up to 20K. Now I have to go write 300 more... of course, after I read all of your lovely comments.

And Laura, you are SO far ahead of me. If you feel like writing a few chapters on werewolves and lighthouses just to break up the monotony, drop me a line.... ;)


At 5:51 PM, March 14, 2007, Blogger gracesmom48 said...

Karen- I read the Statesman article and Kitty Crider is obviously a woman of great intelligence, wit and charm. Equally as obvious, you wore makeup and had your hair all cute and you baked a ton of food and you were very diminutive. In fact, just reading the article makes me feel hungry for chocolate and almost diminutive (that's my new favorite word!) But seriously folks, it was a wonderful article and I'm very happy for you!!

At 9:13 PM, March 14, 2007, Blogger Laura K said...

Um...Karen? I somehow don't think you want me writing about those two things. The result would be...less than optimal.

Great article!

At 11:37 PM, March 14, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


LOL. I agree completely, of course. And I don't know about the cute hair -- I hadn't had it cut in like three months, so I stuck it in a barrette. After all, the last thing I needed was a hair in my muffins. :)

Diminutively yours,

At 11:38 PM, March 14, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


I have faith in you... although perhaps it would be better to separate the two, and for me to remember that they belong in different books. Speaking of less than optimal... ;)


P.S. Glad you liked the article. I now own approximately 20 copies (I snagged two more from the used paper pile at the Y tonight. And MSNBC was still going on about American Idol...)

At 9:46 AM, March 15, 2007, Anonymous Sarah said...

Karen, this might have already been mentioned, but is your new werewolf series a mystery or a romance?

At 6:09 PM, March 15, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


It's a little from column A, a little from column B. They're going to be publishing it as a paranormal romance, but it's as much mystery as romance.

Does that help at all?


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