Sunday, January 29, 2006

Final edits, a nasty bug... and a taste of spring

I spent the weekend doing the final edits on Murder on the Rocks (which is now, my friend and fellow Midnight Ink author Candy Calvert tells me, all over the Web -- Barnes and Noble, Amazon... Target, even!). I also planned to test two recipes one last time, but life, as it is wont to do, kind of got in the way.

My younger kiddo has been not quite himself the last week, with a cough and a stuffy nose; on Friday night his temperature started soaring. Three hours in an emergency clinic later, we discovered he had pneumonia. So we've been doing the every-three-hour fever-reducer routine for the last two nights (he was in the 104 range a few times), and aside from two weeks of laundry (which my husband is kindly folding now), not much got done.

Ian may have been under the weather, but the weather here has been wonderful... an inch of rain yesterday, and the plants already look greener! Today was sunny, clear, and utterly springlike -- we headed down to Town Lake and walked, just soaking in the warm sun and the steady cool breeze. My garden is coming along nicely -- the onions are growing by the day, and the broccoli has doubled in size already. The lettuces are coming up in crooked lines, the peas have sprouted (I love their soft, gray-green color), and the turnips popped right up! (The carrots are slow-pokes.) My morning weeding has been almost meditative -- I do it before my daily walk, and everything fades away except the green leaves and the dark moist earth.

In terms of writing, I am onto chapter three of my new project. I've never done anything like it before, so I'll run it up the flagpole for a while and see how it goes... for now, though, I'm enjoying being back in the groove, falling into that magic world for an hour or two every day. Meditation in its own way, I suppose...

Well, it's off to assist hubby in attacking the mountain of laundry. More soon!


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