Monday, April 30, 2007

New Cozy Chicks blog site!

I am SO happy... the Cozy Chicks blog has a new site! And not only is it beautiful, but I will be able to post on it!

You can find it here.


Oh -- and I had yet another photo session today, this time with a very nice photographer from the Killeen Daily Herald. They'll be featuring me in this Wednesday's Taste section. I hope it went well; Ian kept barreling into me at inopportune moments and removed the clip from my not-particularly-well-styled hair, so we'll see.

Why can't I just get an authorial stand-in for my photos? :)

And I have a few pics from RT to post, but I have to upload them to the other computer and then e-mail them to myself, and I haven't done it yet. Note to self: drop laptop off at MacTronics to get iPhoto reinstalled on my laptop. I am sorry to say that I was too shy to get a shot of the two portly merpeople lounging on a couch, but you can use your imaginations.

Workwise, I spent two hours editing (that's all I had left after making another coffee cake for the photo shoot) and am embarrassed to tell you how far I didn't get. This editing stuff is slow going! Speaking of coffee cake production, this morning, I put a stick of butter in the mixing bowl, stuck it in the microwave, took a phone call, and then proceeded to spend twenty minutes looking for the mixing bowl. And I mean looking: the garage, the back yard, the bathroom, under the beds (I have two imaginative kids, so you never know). I even called Eric and semi-yelled at him for misfiling it.

Then I remembered I'd put butter in the microwave and went to get it. And lo and behold, it was in the mixing bowl.

Okay, off to cook dinner. How's your world?


At 9:08 PM, April 30, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!

I am sorry I missed you here in Houston! I was planning on visiting the book signing on Friday, but I had a deadline for one of my projects, and before I knew it, it was after 6. I know how those conventions go, I have one coming up and I am already planning a vacation afterwards!

I am currently writing a script for animation, which has to be precise timewise, so many scenes in an act, a scene has to be about a minute, etc.. I was wondering, when you outline or write, do you ever think about how the scenes would play out if they were filmed?

At 10:05 PM, April 30, 2007, Blogger MoreAshley said...

That's a really good question!

At 11:23 PM, April 30, 2007, Anonymous John K. said...

Sounds like you had an interesting time! In Houston, I mean, not the twenty minutes you spent looking for your mixing bowl this morning... although with two imaginative kids of my own, I know it does get interesting sometimes. (My watch disappeared for almost a year once, until I found it at the bottom of a basket of my kids' books.)

While you were here in Houston, as you know, I was in Kerrville, and I am happy to report that the Hard Back Café inside the Hasting's there still has four comfy faux leather chairs and not a chaise longue anywhere in sight. And being the conscientious friend that I am, I checked and found one copy of Murder on the Rocks, which I then turned so that it was facing forward on the shelf.


At 7:01 PM, May 01, 2007, Anonymous Nicholas McRae said...

Portly Merpeople! Delightful! Almost as fun as rotund, spandex bunnies in threadbare Sailor Moon outfits. Must see!

Editing sure is slow; I agree. I think in the past five days I've only managed to rewrite so many pages. Ugh! I tried doing the coffee shop thing, but only managed to sit and chat for a few hours :P However, in the grand scheme of things, I may be making positive headway. My word count has swollen by 22,000 words since I really started editing in March.

Oof! I take that back. I should have been LONG done with this book by now.

Of course, it doesn't help that I keep coming up with ideas for new novels. Frustration at being only slightly more than halfway finished with this novel is distracting me enough, but the deluge of new and exciting stories just exacerbates my problem. :P

Oh, if only I didn't need a day job *falls over*

At 10:45 PM, May 03, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


I'm sorry I missed you, too! And yes, I totally understand that deadline thing. :)

As for the writing, I am such a reader that I don't think about film often enough. Everyone asks me if I think of writing screen plays; the answer is, I don't know that I could.

Good question, though. Anyone else?

At 10:46 PM, May 03, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


She's a smart one, that Thea, isn't she? She went to U.T. too... she's wonderful. :)

At 10:47 PM, May 03, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


What's a watch? ;)

Thanks so much for looking out for me, by the way. And it sounds like you had a better time in Kerrville than I did in Houston.

Off to D.C. tomorrow for me... what a week!

At 10:48 PM, May 03, 2007, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...

Stay the course, Nicholas.

Stay the course. :)

Your reward will be getting to work on a new idea.

Believe me. I know how it is...


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