Thursday, April 12, 2007

In brief

Long day, just got home... but my web site update should be done by the end of the week, and I have about a gazillion new events listed. There will also be a PDF of the fabulous Longhorn Living insert (it was in yesterday's Daily Texan). I mentioned that I was interviewed by reporter and writer Ashley Moreno last week; she did a great article and put me on the front page, and I'm thrilled.

But now I'm off to take a bath.

Oh, but before I go, we broke the news to Abby today that there's more mole-excision work to be done (she's relieved they're doing it with a general anesthetic, but I'm not so relieved. I like the doctor tremendously, though, and he didn't seem to think I should worry, so I'm not. Not too much, anyway...)

More tomorrow. Oh, and I didn't write today; instead, I got myself a skin check, and am happy to report that I'm free of suspicious moles. In case you were wondering, the Skin Cancer Journal is not the ideal light reading material for when you're sitting in the examining room waiting for a dermatologist to come in and tell you whether you need to have large chunks of skin removed and biopsied.

Have to go before the bath cools too much. (And your comments are great; I'll be back to answer them later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks as always! I love reading them...)


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