Sunday, May 28, 2006

Houston update

Well, Houston was lots of fun... and not just because I got to stay up watching cheezy TV until midnight Friday night, and then wake up late Saturday and cruise downstairs for a continental breakfast that SOMEONE ELSE made. And read the paper! Uninterrupted!

I started off at the KUHF studio Friday afternoon, where I was interviewed by Alison Young (who is a marvelous interviewer and every bit as wonderful as Fresh Air's Terry Gross) for the Front Row Show (you can listen here). And then I got to visit the gorgeous Lovett Inn for the Charles Snider show taping -- apparently the show will air in July or August.

And then came the wine, the Greek food, and the hours lying in bed watching TLC. Followed by a leisurely morning during which I decided Rice could wait... what I really wanted was to go to a store and try things on without my children opening the dressing room door every thirty seconds. Which I did, for about four delightful hours. The only downside of the trip, really, was that I was going to meet an old friend to chat, but it didn't work out. Maybe sometime later on...

The highlight of the weekend, though -- other than my new pair of shorts, which is a novelty in that it only has holes where they're supposed to be -- was going to Murder by the Book and meeting all of the wonderful people there! Several people had heard the radio show and had driven all the way in to downtown to be there -- and I got to catch up with some family and family friends, too! And everyone at the store was marvelous. They even had chardonnay... what a nice touch. I'm really looking forward to going back -- and wish we had a store like it here in Austin.

Anyway, Candy promised to send me pictures, and I hope to remember to post them. It's conking-out time for me. More soon!


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