Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ballantine... and meet Sophie Garou

I'll keep it short but sweet today... I'm off to Malice tomorrow, and have about 40 thousand things to do between now and then. (If I'm lucky, I'll knock off about 10 of them.)

Earlier this week, my fabulous agent Jessica Faust called with some news. I'm thrilled to announce that Ballantine (Random House) offered me a three-book contract for a new paranormal chick lit mystery series starring reluctant werewolf Sophie Garou. (To read more about Sophie, check out the Bookends 'Our Books' page and scroll down to MacInerney.)

The series (the first book is currently titled A Wolf in Chic Clothing) is set right here in Austin, so I'll get to include lots of my favorite haunts... and I'm having tons of fun already! Maybe Sophie will have to take a Maine vacation... and stay at the Gray Whale Inn!

More soon... off to switch the laundry... but hope to see you at Malice!


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