Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fessing up

Okay, okay. I know I've made several comments about how little I like rewriting. And how infrequently I do it.

But things, I've come to realize lately, have changed.

The series I'm working on now -- the one starring chic werewolf Sophie Garou -- is incredibly fun to write, and I love having Austin as my setting. But I'm finding that the depth -- and the humor -- doesn't always come out the first time through (although when it does, it's fabulous).

So now, when I sit down to write a scene, my main goal is to put my characters through their paces -- in other words, get them from A to B -- as eloquently and elegantly as possible. (Even though B turns into C or even Q more often than not.) Then, when I'm relatively happy with the arc of the scene, I go back and perk up the dull bits. I try to find better verbs and images, and shave off the areas that drag. (Or jazz them up with stronger -- often quirkier -- language, or asides.) And I keep doing it until I get it right, which sometimes takes three or four passes.

So I'm revising more, and having fun with it, because it's exciting to watch a ho-hum scene roar to life with a few well-chosen words. But beyond that, I've got a project I love, and I've cleared the decks for it. No more morning obligations -- other than my Town Lake trot, that is, and my standing date with my computer. I fall into the world I've created daily now, and every session with my laptop brings new (and often bizarre) discoveries.

What more can I say? It's good to be back in the saddle again -- or at least back in my favorite chair at Starbucks.

Just don't ask me how my garden's doing. :)


At 2:45 PM, May 11, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm SO tickled that . . . well . . . a werewolf has tickled your fancy, Karen! And, having had the pleasure of working alongside you in this crazy business for a little while now, I KNOW your humor can't help but tune up to howling level!

Have loads of fun with Sophie, don't eat too much wolfbane, and see you soon at our booksigning in Houston!

Candy Calvert

At 11:11 PM, May 24, 2006, Blogger Karen MacInerney said...


We'll see. I think regular infusions of coffee help. Maybe I'll have to try one of your cherry cigars sometime...

Can't wait to see you in Houston!


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