Monday, December 05, 2005

Book: 1 Children: 0

Scoreboard for the day (so far)...

Words written: 1650
Miles run (sort of): 3
Newsletters written: 1
Hours children ignored: 2.5
Pounds chocolate consumed: 0.75 and counting (it's still early)

Ah, December. I haven't sent Christmas cards in six years now, I'm way behind on Christmas shopping, I've committed to baking six dozen cookies for two school functions, I need to send out invitations for my son's birthday party by Wednesday, and I missed my 'lunch duty' at my daughter's school last week... but I hit the 70K mark on Dead and Berried, and the end is in sight! (With my 1000 word a day formula, I'm hoping for next Friday... keep fingers crossed that all vomiting and otherwise infectious agents avoid my threshold for at least 12 days). Why next Friday, you ask? Because my kids are out of school for THREE WEEKS.

That's right. Twenty-one days.

So, dinner chez MacInerney is meatloaf tonight. Mmmm. BUT I do have a fabulous caramel turtle cookie recipe that I will be making in bulk soon... I'll share it here once I pull it out of the recipe file!

Happy Holidays. Time to break out the eggnog (and rum)!


At 2:28 PM, December 14, 2005, Blogger Mary Louisa said...

Karen, just found your blog through your website through Murder Must Advertise. Quite a trip!

I look forward to more inspiration from you! I'm finding it tough to get ONE day a week to write with my toddlers underfoot, much less achieve a certain word count every day.

Can't wait to read your novels, and to get that caramel turtle cookie recipe.


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