Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Maggie Sefton was here!

Gosh... things are chugging along! Murder on the Rocks will soon show up on Amazon... I'm putting the last touches on my web site, will be up December 1st, and working hard on Dead and Berried (as well as a few other secret projects)... Watch for lots of new, exciting things!

Author Maggie Sefton came and stayed with us this week. She's the author of the knitting series, which is from Berkley Prime Crime, and another book called Dying to Sell (Five Star). What an inspiration! She wrote for twenty-two years -- at least a million words of fiction -- before 'breaking out' with Knit One, Kill Two. And now, nothing can stop her! (You should definitely watch her series for her mint chocolate fudge recipe; I ate a pound of it this past week, which is a bad thing, because my author photo shoot is tomorrow. I am *not*, repeat *not* trying her cinnamon roll recipe. I'll have to wedge myself through the front door!)

She had some words for aspiring writers that I thought were wise, and I agree with entirely. Seek the company of other writers; and go to workshops, conferences, etc. where you can learn about craft. I've got more books in the hopper right now than I know what to do with (stay tuned), and right now I'm floored by Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. I'm going to dissect her love scenes to see how they work; she's a master!

So for all you writers, keep reading, keep finding other writers... and keep the faith!


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